Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Bubbles

Happy Bubbles by Terry Hathaway

Happy Bubbles is designed after the carpet in the children’s area of the Northborough Public Library in Mass.   The students in my 6-10 yr old class helped me name it.   It is a happy pattern because of the happy pencil smiles in each large bubble.

The Steps
Happy Bubbles
1.        Scatter several large circles inside your string.  Leave plenty of space between them and include some partial circles at the edges.
2.       Draw some medium circles close to the large circles (2 or 3 for each large circle)
3.       Fill just the medium circles with dots
4.       Connect the large circle “Islands” with many little circles still leaving some open white space
5.       With your pencil add rounding to the large circles by drawing happy smiles in each.
6.       Blend the pencil smiles if you wish.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Junk Scrapbook with Ribbon Binding

Tried something new today.  A Junk Scrapbook with a Ribbon Binding.   The covers are made with recycled thin cardboard covered with pictures from last year's calendars.  The pages are  used Christmas cards, covered on one side with brown and red paper bags from the Cracker Barrel  Store.  With one page covered with a material that seemed to coordinate.  The pages are held to the back cover with a hair tie and a cooking skewer.

The binding:  I used a 3 inch wide ribbon and fixed it to the covers using Scor tape.  It looks a bit sloppy but I do like the idea - If I do it again I'm sure it will turn out better.

   Taught my first class for 6-10 years olds this week.  I think it went pretty well.  At least I enjoyed it and the kids.   Here's a picture of their first tiles.
Then we worked on a new pattern based on the Northborough Public Library's carpet.   I'll be posting that pattern with step outs on a new TAB so that I can link it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Zentangle: Next Step

Rick and Maria have a Zentangle Blog.  Haven't figured out how to subscribe or follow the blog yet but I'm working on it.  Here I think is the link to the latest post.

Zentangle: Next Step: As things would have it, Rick asked me to write a few blogs. "Great!" I said. I couldn't wait to start. I had so many thing...