Tuesday, November 20, 2012


E Gads!  changing up my usual opening where I apologize for not posting for so long.

Been busy!  Having a great Time!  Did you miss me?

What's new:
    I'm attempting to set up 2 meetup groups (see links on the right.)  I want to share my interests without having to be the teacher.  So I'm looking for people who like paper crafts and Zentangle in my area.   I already belong to NE ATC's, Crafts and Conversation, Hikers 40/50+, and NE CZTs, meetup groups.  But was still missing something.

    Mini Book Crafters of Metrowest Mass -  You can see from earlier posts and pictures I like mini books.  I've been on my own for most of these, corresponding and trading over the internet and through the mail.  But since I don't want to become a hermit (Oh wait maybe I do!), I'd like to get together with other's interested in Mini Book crafting.  We will meet once a month or as schedules allow.  The object is to talk, laugh, share what we've been working on and learn some new techniques.

    Terry's Time to Tangle in New England
   (Not to be confused with the blogspot Time to Tangle or any books of that name.)
    Non structured  meetup to talk about and share Zentangle, tiles, patterns, colors, techniques etc, etc..

Always looking for more people to come to the meetings. If you are in New England let's talk. Have car will travel!

New Tile
Newest Mini Book STAR BOOK When Pigs Fly