Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 13 - How does you garden Grow?

In My Mind!
     I live in a 2nd floor apartment so my garden is in my mind.   I do have 4 plants in side but....
     I sort of followed the original prompt sample here.  Started with black card stock, blocked in some colors (had to plan this out in advance), then highlighted with black ultra fine permanent Sharpie, and black ultra fine Sharpie paint Pen.  Oh and I added the butterfly later.
AN explanation of the layout of the garden.  There is an old shade tree for me birds, and squirrels. Some rocks for critters to sun themselves on, plenty of flowers big and bigger, a path leading to a Narnia light post, and in the distance a huge water fall coming down from a Mt.

 You may have noticed that I jumped over week #12 - still thinking about that one.