Friday, July 3, 2015

OWL Granny Square Afghan

Finished - donated and sold for $75

I started an Owl Granny Square afghan in May after the second time A friend sent me this link.

   Today I got it for the third time so I decided to state my progress.  I decided on making 55 squares with 5 different color squares behind the Owls.  I also decided early on NOT to use buttons.  110 buttons just sounded too much.  So I'm making a 6 prong starburst in the center of each white circle.  Very Cute.

 Here's a bit about the material I'm using. I'll give you a bit of information on what I've used.   First I am using mostly leftover yarn  that was donated to our Senior Center.  I did have to purchase black yarn.Red Heart Super Saver from Walmart.  744 yds.   I do not know for sure if this will be enough for each square and for the borders.  For the Owl I used one skein of a very light pink, and two browns probably equal to one skein. I also had to use 2 different greens.  Remember I'm using leftovers here.  Since I was only doing 11 squares with each color scheme I only needed about a half of skein of each.   My 5 color schemes after the green row.  1. Medium blue and medium brown 2.light green and Burgundy, 3. Light purple and deep red  4. dark purple and Olive green and finally 5 Dark purple and rust.  All of these have one row of black around them.  I know the color scheme sounds strange but since I wasn't going to make all the squares exact I decided to just go for whatever I could find in the donation closet.