Thursday, January 10, 2013

Junque Journal with Velcro One Wrap fastner

The following pictures are my version of a mini Junque Journal made in a mini composition notebook.   I guess it is not officially a "Junque Journal" as I didn't paint the pages.  And I'm not going to call it a smash journal either.  It's mine so I'll call it what I like ans since I as following the directions on how to secure the bingin from a Junque Journal video....

Anyway,  I took my composition book, glue sticks, one distress ink stamp pad and scissors on a trip to the NY FIngerLakes WIne Country and Rochester NY.  I gathered brochures, wine labels, ice cream packaging and each night cut and pasted.  I left some room for I knew we had taken and some space for journaling.
  When I was almost done i realized that my tabs would be in the way of any normal  ribbon closure.  But Hey my family travels with Velcro.  So I snagged a piece of one wrap and wrapped the book from top to bottom.