Journal 52

I'm going to use this page to journal my "Journal 52" progress throughout 2014.

Journal52 is a FREE year-long art journal workshop hosted by Chelle Stein to inspire us create all year long with 52 weekly prompts.  It’s just more fun to create with friends, which is why their is a Facebook Group for all to share our progress and spread hope and encouragement to one another.
There are over 2,000 members of the Facebook page taking up the challenge.  (

There are also members of 2 of my meetup groups participating so we get to share at our meetings.

  So that you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom each week to see my progress - I'm going to add each week here at the top.

Week #28 Technology
Didn't want to do the obvious so went on a Internet hunt for a quote3.  Found this one by a fantasy author.
  "Books may look like nothing more than words on a page, but they a actually complex imaginotransference technology that transfers odd inky squiggly lines into pictures inside you head."  - Jasper Fforde.

Week #27 Nostalgia
Let's see a picture of my sisters (1980?) attempting to recreate a picture psoe from 1960.  In 1973, the movie "The Way we Were" was filmed during my Freshman year at Union College.  the ZIA frame was inspired by a large old picture frame.

Week #26 Under the Sea - Photo Bomb
Used bits from other projects.  Painting, Collageing, Origam and Zentangle.  I finished this off with some small shells and  flotsum.

Week #25  Inspired By Nature
  ZIA Inspired by a photo in National geographic.

Week #24 Courage
 First and only image that came into my mind for this one.

Week #23  Passion
  I choose A passion for paper.  you can make it, recycle it and make it again, cut it, fold it, crumple it, paint it, write on it, print pictures on it, make it into books, mail it, and at the end of the day you can burn it.   This page has a handmade paper back, a used envelope with paper bits waiting to be used in projects, an origami ring and a mini book for mini pictures.

Week #22  Traveling 

Week 22  Travel

On The Road Again  Lyrics by Willie Nelson

I'm not sure driving is my favorite means of transportation but it is the  most common.  And every time I start to travel I sign (to myself) the opening stanza  "On the Road Again".

My Mother used to load up all five us kids in a VW bus and head out for Ohio to visit relatives.  On the way we visited: Hershey Chocolates(very out of the way),  A winery,  Budwieser Brewery,  a Pottery, a Glass blowing factory (we walked right through the active factory floor), and Corning Glass factory.    Oh and then there was the trip to Maine when we went to a Sardine Packing Factory!

We started out with a blue VW.  Later there was a School Bus Yellow VW Bus with Flowers and snakes painted on it over rust spots.   Couldn't find a picture of this in my albums.  Must ask my sisters if they have one.

Background is one of the marbling papers I made in a class.  VW pics are from clip art on the Internet.

Week #21 Mandalas Paper Pieced Mandala, highlighted with white pen.  The background is part of a roll off sheet from a Gelly Print class I took at the BeeHive in Warner NH.

Week #20  Book Inspired -  I was Inspired by Rabble in Arms for a love of Historical Fiction, Half Magic for a love of Fantasy and Sic Fiction = resulting in a love of reading and books.
I was a Professional Librarian for over 30 years

Week #19 Photograph   I took this photograph outside of the Portland, Me Museum of Art.  It is called Rising Cairn.  I cut out the figure and tangled around it.  I was going to do a Black onShite and then a White on Black study but went with the browns.

Week #18 Creative Hands  - I've always loved Ed Emberlys books on thumb print drawing.

Week # 17 Refresh - That week the local ad paper had this Bird and inside had the Water Splash so...

Week #16  Recycle Art  I dug under my paper cutter and found lots of strips to cut up and weave.  I pasated the open weave on black card stock and then added a heart that we drew in a class.  I love recycling

Week #15  Party Animals - what can i say.  This is Georgie - She was named George so I'd have two cats maned George and Gracie!

Week #14  Rain or Shine - or season  In love warm dry fall days - the smell of leaves, sound of the last lazy flys and beautiful blue skies.

Week #13  How does your Garden Grow -- In My Mind!
     I live in a 2nd floor apartment so my garden is in my mind.   I do have 4 plants in side but....
     I sort of followed the original prompt sample here.  Started with black card stock, blocked in some colors (had to plan this out in advance), then highlighted with black ultra fine permanent Sharpie, and black ultra fine Sharpie paint Pen.  Oh and I added the butterfly later.
AN explanation of the layout of the garden.  There is an old shade tree for me birds, and squirrels. Some rocks for critters to sun themselves on, plenty of flowers big and bigger, a path leading to a Narnia light post, and in the distance a huge water fall coming down from a Mt.

 You may have noticed that I jumped over week #12 - still thinking about that one.

Week #11  Stars 
The theme for this week was Stars.   My favorite constellation is Orion.  I could see it from my bedroom window growing up.  I could see it in North Dakota, I could see it in England, and I can see it here in Massachusetts with all our light pollution.  I went looking for qoutes and inspiration and settled on the wiew from my childhood bed, a quote from Blade Runner and one from Vincent Van Gogh.

"The night is even more richly colored than the day. . . . If only one pays attention to it, one sees that certain stars are citron yellow, while others have a pink glow or a green, blue and forget-me-not brilliance. And without my expiating on this theme, it should be clear that putting little white dots on a blue-black surface is not enough."  — Vincent van Gogh, Painter

Not sure if you can see it or not but I have some green, yellow and red stars.

 Week #10  Art For a Cause
Or Why do We Do Art

 Well I do art because I want to and being creative is fullfilling.  It is also fun to share.  So I teach classes also.

Then there is Random Acts of Art, of now a movement called Art Abandonment.

Week #9  Color Swatch
  What can I say I like Purple and I though of "a material swatch" instead of a paint swatch.  So here is my purple sky tree with a Purple cow and a bit of Blue Jean material.  Oh and some brick material I've been trying to use in a project somewhere.

One of my favorite poems was  Purple Cow by Burgess.
"I never saw a Purple Cow
I never hope to see one.
But I can tell you this right now
I'd rather see than be one"

But then I was doing an internet search on the poem and came upon a book by Seth Godin. The book  Purple Cow; is about transforming your business by being remarkable.  It is actually a better personal reference than the poem so.....Be Remarkable Be a Purple Cow!

Week #8 Found Poetry
  A bit behind because I have to use FireFox to upload pictures here.  I perfer to use my normal Interent Browser because it has all my history etc.   Anyway.  Here is my found poetry.   This page is from an article in "The Paper" the magazine put out by the Origami USA society.
The article is qouted in my blog post from:     

 Week #7:  When I Grow Up I want to be.....  Up until a few years ago I'd say I still didn't know what I wanted to be or where I wanted to live "when I grew up"   I always hated those employee surveys or evaluations that asked  "Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?"

    Now that I've finished my: family and schooling years (0-24), My professional Life (24-57), what do I want to be now and where do I want to live?
   Guess what I still don't really know.

   But here is my Art Journal page for "When I Grow Up I Want To Be....  

Week #6: Lost Art of Love Letters 
Ok here they are.  See my blog post of 2/16/2014 for a full discription

Week #5: Abstract Art 
 This page was from a national Geographic magazine that had been sprayed with Citrasolv back in October a the New England Artisit Trading Card Plus Meetup groups' Fall Retreat.  Whew that was long.   Anyway the Citrasolv reacts with the ink to liquify it so it moves around.  I don't even remember what the page looked like to begin with but I do know I turned it upside down for this project.  I then Highlighted areas of color with a white Uni-Ball pen, and Here's the result.  I really like it.
After I was finished and scanned it I saw the ghost - cool!
Oh, with all the snow I was going to do snowflakes but there is SO MUCH snow I drew snow balls.

Week #4:  Building Character
 Finally got my blog program working again so that I could add pictures.  Here is week Five.  My original plan was to draw a character of me as part Owl and part Cat.  But I figured I needed to know how to draw a picture of myself first.  So here it is my first self portrait untitled Wabi Sabi.

Week #3: You Make Me Smile
Kitties of course.  there are other things but this way I get to do Ben Kwok's Kitten template from the Facebook page Ornation Creation.

Cute isn't he! She!

Week #2:  A Simple Place  
  I was going to use the Shear Heaven Transfer process but....It dosen't work if your Ispropyl Alcohol expired in 2007.  So I used another photo of myself and for the back of the 1st week;s page, a picture of sunset on Cape Cod.
Lift the flap and find.....

  My first step was to create a binder so that I knew what size I was going to create in.  It was not a requirement to have a binder ready at the start.  Some people opted to create first  and then figure out how to bind or preserve.  Also the cover of the binder may change over time.  For instance I don't have a title on mine yet.

My Cover:

The cover is 5.5 x 8 in, page size is 5x7 to allow room for the rings

    I made the cover from stuff already on hand.  The binder is made from a 2 ring binder assembly by Ide-ology, and chip board.  The Owl is from the 2013 paper painting Calendar by Elizabeth St Hillaire Nelson, and the spine covered with animal print Duct Tape sheet.  Hopefully it will be big enough to fit 52 pieces of art.

Week #1 Prompt:  Up, Up, and Away and the technique discussed as a textured background using gesso and paint.   I used White and blue acrylic spread with my orange peeler( didn't have palette knife).  I added tecture while the paint was wet with a snow flake stamp.  I used 110 mixed media paper and made a rectangle big enough for two pages.

Up Up and Away
Soaring toward KINDNESS
A couple of my other groups have been discussing having a word for the year.   I choose Kindness because I have a lot of quotes I can use for this.

  The quotes on this page read
 "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.  Ursula K. LeGuin:
"Each day the first day: each day a life" - dag Hammarskjold.

Then there is the selfie fo me with wings.   Hard to take a selfie with a regular camera.

Until next Week!

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