Thursday, November 26, 2015

Flood the Streets with Art III

Flood the Streets with Art III   2015
     Started by Scott Wong in Wisconsin Flood the Streets with Art is an Art Abandonment project to spread art and joy on Black Friday.   I heard about this last month and signed up. 
   Here are pictures of the items I decided to drop on Nov 27th 2015 in Acton, MA.

A few extra Owl Granny Squares from my afghan project. I mounted these on wooden knitting needles. 

 CapOwl and cap Pin cushion.   I made these several years ago.   Getting the urge to make some more.
 Mini stuffed chair/pin cushion and notion keeper.   The padded seat doubles as a pin cushion and a lid to a hidden compartment in the bottom.
 3.5 x 3.5 in Tan Zentangle tile
 4 x 6 in Zentangle Inspired art  - Leaves
 15    Decorated paper clips
 16 inch  Spiral Kumihimo braided necklace
Bagged tagged and ready to drop.   I hope to take pictures of each drop and post them here.

Friday, July 3, 2015

OWL Granny Square Afghan

Finished - donated and sold for $75

I started an Owl Granny Square afghan in May after the second time A friend sent me this link.

   Today I got it for the third time so I decided to state my progress.  I decided on making 55 squares with 5 different color squares behind the Owls.  I also decided early on NOT to use buttons.  110 buttons just sounded too much.  So I'm making a 6 prong starburst in the center of each white circle.  Very Cute.

 Here's a bit about the material I'm using. I'll give you a bit of information on what I've used.   First I am using mostly leftover yarn  that was donated to our Senior Center.  I did have to purchase black yarn.Red Heart Super Saver from Walmart.  744 yds.   I do not know for sure if this will be enough for each square and for the borders.  For the Owl I used one skein of a very light pink, and two browns probably equal to one skein. I also had to use 2 different greens.  Remember I'm using leftovers here.  Since I was only doing 11 squares with each color scheme I only needed about a half of skein of each.   My 5 color schemes after the green row.  1. Medium blue and medium brown 2.light green and Burgundy, 3. Light purple and deep red  4. dark purple and Olive green and finally 5 Dark purple and rust.  All of these have one row of black around them.  I know the color scheme sounds strange but since I wasn't going to make all the squares exact I decided to just go for whatever I could find in the donation closet.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Deconstructed Art Journal - Trash

I have so many projects going at the moment I decided to start another one.  Deconstructed Art Journaling.   This is a great alternative to the traditional Art Journal Swap where you start a Journal and send it out in to the unknown and hope to get it back one day

For this Deconstructed Art Journaling group you make 5 pages and send each one out individually to a set group of 5 people.  Each of the other 4 send back a page.   For this group we are using 8 X 8 inch pages folded in half so they fit into a business envelope.  This should keep mailing costs down. We will be decorating the 8 X 8 spread and back sides as 2,  4x 8 spreads.  3 works of art!

My first swap group theme is Trash.  I have a 1.5 months to complete and I've already started the planning and gathering of junk and trash and a few basic supplies that I already have in the house.  NO PURCHASES for this swap - except for the stamp.  I'm out of stamps but there is plenty of time to get more.

Here is, hopefully,  my steps in the process.

 Step one - I decided to use brown paper shopping bags for my base paper.   This one is from Whole Foods and I may try and work in the bees.  Check out the take out bags from Chipolte. 


Step 2.  cut out the 8 x 8  pieces and prep.  I'm only going to gesso the 8 x 8 at this time.  Thinking fo leaving the 4 x 8  o'natural.  Not sure if you can see but in the upper right hand corner of the desk paper I've written some notes and done a really rough sketch of the 3 layouts.
Step 3.  Gather the supplies.  I may or may not use all of these and will probably find more to use.  Hmm - no tea bag stuff or newspapers here.    2 of my pre-existing projects are quilting and crocheting.  Therefore there will be material and yarn scraps involved - these scraps are all over the house so why not.
  I will be using Gesso, 3 acrylic paints various  paints, modpodge, paint brushes and possibly glue and tape.  (I love my double sided score tape).  Everything else is stuff that would be thrown away.
    Here's the 8 x 8 inch spread with second layer of paint.    A gold foil circle from a cup cake box, paper from Kotex, Owl and Lion from Juicy Fruit, material from my quilting project and a leaf from a Subway wrapper.

And the finished 8 x8 spread.  I went back and cut the gold foil at the crease line. so it would fold better.  Added detail from Life cereal box and a bit of netting from wine bottles.

  So I got rolling and didn't take pictures of the 4 x8 pages progress.
 The Green Giant is the last page.  The blue and grey patterned woven background is from inside envelopes.  The  Basket is the first page and is presenting more trash items for the receiver.   Basket is from a window envelope with tangles W2 tangle. The handle is from gift paper bags.  The bow is folded from grocery ads.

Each double sided 8 x8 journal page is a complete signature and will be bound that way so all sides are visible together   as you page through.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I AM   by Terry Hathaway

I actually worked these step outs in 2013 but didn't think it really classified as a tangle.  But in light of  the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and the Je suis Charlie movement I decided to share it.

I AM and I claim my freedom to express myself.   By Pen, Pencil, Brush, and Voice or any other means at my disposal.

This spread is from my 2015 Journal. Dates 8-11 Jan.

I'd also like to call your attention to Sandy Bartholomew's blog post on this subject.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Recent Zentangle activity

Well I've gotten behind in my Journal 52 but have gotten a couple of Zentangle Inspired Art pieces done so thought I'd post them.

Did I mention I love Owls?  These are tangled using templates from Ben Kwok.

Here's a Zendala - the theme was sunrise and moon shadow.

 Twinchies  2 x 2 inches with acrylic magnets
Spiral ATC's

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Journal 52 - is caught up to Week #28.  Only 2 behind as of today.  Go to the Journal 52 page to see all the pages.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Journal 52 Week 22

Week 22  Travel

On The Road Again  Lyrics by Willie Nelson

I'm not sure driving is my favorite means of transportation but it is th emost common.  ANd every time I start to travel I sign (to myself) the opening stanza  "On the Road Again".

My Mother used to load up all five us kids in a VW bus and head out for Ohio to visit relatives.  On the way we visited: Hershey Chocolates(very out of the way),  A winery,  Budwieser Brewery,  a Pottery, a Glass blowing factory (we walked right through the active factory floor), and Corning Glass factory.    Oh and then there was the trip to Maine when we went to a Sardine Packing Factory!

We started out with a blue VW.  Later there was a School Bus Yellow VW Bus with Flowers and snakes painted on it over rust spots.   Couldn't find a picture of this in my albums.  Must ask my sisters if they have one.