Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here's what I did this past weekend.  Tangled an apron  and played with Gracie.  She loves to be in the way when I take pictures.

Here's a picture of just the Apron.   The Apron is from PayTime in Arlington.  I used a combination of Identipen's, Ultra Fine Sharpies and a Cool Grey Fabrico(#181) for shading.
Phew glad I took a closer look at this one before posting.  My toes were showing. Yuck!  I do love the bottom part and the Owl.  not as happy with the water lily.  To dark, and the water too blue.  Hopefully it will fade - eventually.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Close to My Heart Blog Hop

Here's something new, something old and something blue.  A Completed Mini Flip Album.

This album is constructed from a "Close to My Heart" paper set called "Victory".   To see more pages click on the Close to My Heart Tab above.
Something New:  I completed an album and have it filled with pictures!  yeah!  Also new is that I did this a guest Designer for Close to My Heart Consultant Kat Ancha.
Something Old:  Pictures from 1937 to 1944,  WWII pictures of the courtship of my Mother and Father.  Well the last picture is from 1962.  That picture is of Mom, Dad and my 4 sisters and myself.  Kind of like showing the results of the courtship. :)
Something Blue;  One of the papers was blue and there are blue highlights throughout.  The Victory theme was more of a manly color scheme.  But with no hunting, fishing, bowling sports etc.. to geti n the way.
So check out the rest of the pictures on the tab above and hop on over to the other 4 blogs to see other paper sets and designers.   And be sure to get to Kat's page and leave a comment to get in the running for some great prizes.