Thursday, November 26, 2015

Flood the Streets with Art III

Flood the Streets with Art III   2015
     Started by Scott Wong in Wisconsin Flood the Streets with Art is an Art Abandonment project to spread art and joy on Black Friday.   I heard about this last month and signed up. 
   Here are pictures of the items I decided to drop on Nov 27th 2015 in Acton, MA.

A few extra Owl Granny Squares from my afghan project. I mounted these on wooden knitting needles. 

 CapOwl and cap Pin cushion.   I made these several years ago.   Getting the urge to make some more.
 Mini stuffed chair/pin cushion and notion keeper.   The padded seat doubles as a pin cushion and a lid to a hidden compartment in the bottom.
 3.5 x 3.5 in Tan Zentangle tile
 4 x 6 in Zentangle Inspired art  - Leaves
 15    Decorated paper clips
 16 inch  Spiral Kumihimo braided necklace
Bagged tagged and ready to drop.   I hope to take pictures of each drop and post them here.

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