Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zentangle Demo and Cats

I'll be presenting the stress relief benefits of Zentangle at the Hanscom AFB Health Fair on 8 March.  If you have access to the base come on by.

PS  Fire alarm just went off for the building across the street.  My cat Georgie went flying off the back of my chair.  She knows that means the fire trucks will be comming.  She growls at firemen from the safety of the hallway.  I don't think shes ever meet one, cat to person.  I hope she never has to meet on in an emergency.  Such a brave kitty (see white cat below).  Now Gracie, my other cat, goes to the window and supervises the firemen's activities.  I think she likes the lights.  (Gracie has the coloring and disposition of a Maine Coon - but is just a lush)

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