Saturday, July 14, 2012

Play It Forward moment

    Had Friday off and decided to do some shopping and head for the Beach.  I found Rye Harbor State Park in NH wasn't very busy.  Yeah!   As I was walking along the beach I found an old sea snail shell.  It was very thick and weathered - had real character.   A bit further on I gave it to a woman who was picking up shells.  She was very pleased, said she'd grown up on that beach.
   This got me to thinking was I starting a Play it Forward good deed chain or was I continuing a chain.   I'd interacted with only 5 people so far.  I'd stopped for coffee and 2 older Teens had cheerfully held open the door and allowed me to get to the counter ahead of them.  The clerk gave me a great smile and courteous service.  On my way out an older gentleman opened the door for me and wished me a great day.   I then went into a craft store that was holding a 50% off sale in preperation for moving.  The owner waited on me and advised me that an item that I was purchasing might not be what I really wanted.  Saved me $2.00 on that item and $66 overall.   So I think I was continuiing a play it forward smile/good deed chain.  If fact I had more credids to pass forward or store for a rainy day!
   Very simple actions can have momentous affects.
   Remember to Smile!!  Even if it is only to yourself in the mirror.

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