Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snakes on a Napkin

Going to hand out business cards today, and there is NOTHING on the blog! 
So here goes a real Zentangle post.

     Last night I worked on a cloth napkin.   I drew 3 snakes and tangled them.   Not original - took the idea right out of Sandy Bartholomew's book Zentangle for Kids.  The pictures show the basic tangle and then the tangle shaded.   My grey Fabrico marker bled a little but I'll get used to using a lighter hand.

     The cloth napkin was made from a old sheet with the edges frayed.  This one will be washed and maybe ironed once.  Then it is in to the pile to use for all occasions.  Saves on paper towels and other paper napkins.
     As the tangle fadesover time more patterns can be added.  You can even sign your name - which I forgot to do.  What can I say did this at 11 PM. and trying to blog at 6:30 am.

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