Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Year's Resolutions Update

Well it is Jan 26th, let's see how I'm doing on the checklist.

 should send out a Birthday card tomorrow
-2 days Behind on the Zentangle a Day
-I've completed each weekly page for my Journal 52
-I'm a bit behind in keeping the blog up-to-date and posting pictures
- Ornation creation - I've done 2 this month and am using them in my Journal and an ATC Swap
- Going to post pictures on the blog pages now
2014 D/W/M Projects January
Zentangle a Day  Almost   
Kate Robinson's Monthly ATC Challenge   Check   
Journal52 - Weekly  check   
Letter a Month  check   
Monthly Birthday Cards sent     
NE ATC Monthly ATC Swap  Check   
NE ATC Monthly Journal - Zentangle Plus  Going to drop this one   
Ornation Creation - Weekly  2/4   
Creative Connections - Monthly Check   
 Keep Blog Up to date and post pictures     

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